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Arts n Crafts

We proudly display the work of local artists; give classes on "How to..." eg. draw a rose, sell books on multiple art forms. We offer demonstrations and classes on various art forms such as needle point, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, and wielding.


Our goal is to represent as many religions, spiritualities as possible, including when, how, why to practice them, etymologies, histories, as much information as we can.


We sell books on local, regional, state, USA, and world gardening techniques. Local gardeners and garden shops demonstrate gardening techniques.


Includes Mystery, Detective, Science Fiction, etc.
Romance (Historical, non-fiction, and Legendary)


We carry books on local, state, national, and world war from beginning of time to present day!


Our inventory covers ages PK to college, including English, History, Political Science, Biology, Geology, Psychology, Sociology, Math, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Music, Art, Literature, Gardening, How to..., etc.

Continuing Education

Children ages 6 weeks to PK: we offer lesson plans covering Circle Time, Arts n Crafts, Group, Math n Science, Gross Motor. Activities are done in three languages, English, Spanish, and German.

Children's Corner

Story Lady: picks a book and helps children enact the story, including making costumes, and props. When possible we enlist the help and support of local theatre and drama clubs. We want to encourage the literacy of our children using as many senses as possible.


We offer a place where people young and old can come and play games. We also offer low cost, parent run day care for children and the elderly; young and old benefit greatly from each other. 

Adults: we offer "How to..." videos on art projects; computer repair and maintenance; cooking, gardening; animal care and maintenance; small business, starting, owning, operating. We provide tips on gardening; healing via natural remedies, religion and spirituality; philosophy; sociology; psychology; gender studies

We are very eclectic in what we want to learn and want very much to share that knowledge with you.

(More sections to the Bookstore are coming soon!)

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